Our Teaching Theories: Global Principles with Practical Experiences


At ARISTLE Gifted Institute, we combine global principles with our rich practical experiences as gifted children and gifted education practitioners to design our unique curricula to unleash our students’ true gifted potential.


Practicing Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and other renowned scholars’ theories, ARISTLE Gifted Institute incorporates different teaching methods including cooperative learning, experimental learning, self-reflection, visualization, and so forth, into our diverse curricula to stimulate our students’ development in the different areas of multiple intelligences and to encourage whole brain learning.

Our Curriculum Focus

Multiple Intelligences

Emphasis Intrapersonal The ability to introspect and self-reflect, including the awareness of own emotional states, feelings and motivations
Interpersonal The capacity for person-to-person communications and relationships
Core Logical-Mathematical The capacity for inductive and deductive thinking and reasoning, including the use of numbers, the recognition of abstract patterns and the ability to logically analyze problems
Naturalist The ability to relate to our surroundings and be able to recognize, categorize and draw upon certain features of our environment
Linguistic The ability to use words and language, including the retention, interpretation and explanation of information and ideas via language
Supplementary Musical The ability to understand and appreciate music, including the ability to recognize tonal patterns and sounds, as well as the sensitivity to rhythms and beats
Spatial The ability to visualize objects and spatial dimensions, and to create internal images and pictures
Bodily-Kinesthetic The ability to control body movement, including physical agility, body balance, coordination and manual dexterity