(ARISTLE Creative Scholars)


Our Creativity Programme

(Different levels available for children from 6 to 15 years old)


“Creative thinking involves imagining familiar things in a new light, digging below the surface to find previously undetected patterns, and finding connections among unrelated phenomena.”

- Roger von Oech, an internationally-recognised creativity consultant


Our Creativity Programme is designed to nurture our students to become creative thinkers and innovators. Creativity is the ability to think outside the box and to generate innovative and differential approach to a particular task.



Programme Objectives


Our Creativity Programme aims at developing our students’ creativity so that they would


  • consistently seek for innovative and useful ideas to tackle familiar and novel situations and seek for improvement
  • appreciate but not to avoid ambiguity and feel comfortable exploring uncertainties
  • recognise there is often more than one “right” answer and be open to alternatives
  • be able to detect and explore connections between different ideas and concepts to generate innovation



Class Gallery


Class Topic: Making Your Own Clock!



In this class, students had to build a real clock from scratch! At first, all students thought it was a very difficult task but they all succeeded and brought home with them their unique clocks that could really function!


Class Topic: Designing a Roller-coaster!


In this class, students had to investigate how a roller-coaster works and think about how and what elements to add to make a roller-coaster ride more exiting!


Class Topic: Can a Paper-made Chair Support Our Weight?


In this class, students had to construct a chair that we can seat on using papers only! Think it’s impossible? But we succeeded!



Why is Creativity Important?

It prepares children for life. Creativity gives you lifelong benefits. Creative thinking helps a person to identify opportunities. It also helps a person to respond positively to challenge and manage risks better by encouraging them to stay open to alternatives. A creative person would be more capable in adjusting to the rapid development of new knowledge, which is a crucial success factor under today’s ever-changing world with constant social and technological advancements.


It improves children's self-esteem, motivation and achievement. Researches have shown that children who are encouraged to adopt creative thinking are (1) more interested in exploring and discovering things, (2) more open to new concepts and ideas, (3) more keen to cooperate with others to explore new things, (4) more willing to work outside class time to pursue an idea or a vision. With this motivation to learn and explore, self-esteem and achievement improve.


It is good for children’s mental health. Researches have shown that creative activities can help children reduce stress. Creative thinking helps children to avoid boredom and encourage them to explore for more alternatives to handle conflicts and difficulties in life.