Parents’ Feedback


Student: Vianne Lau
Age: 1 year old
Module: Semester
Course: B2 at Little Aristle
Parents: Janet and Vincent


Parents’ Feedback


Student: Richard Chan & Albert Chan
Age: 2 years old & 12 years old
Module: Semester
Course: Richard (T2 at Little Aristle)
Albert (Creativity and Critical Thinking)
Parents: Mrs Chan and Mr Chan


Students’ Feedback


Student: Norm Yeung
Age: 9 years old
Module: Semester
Course: Creativity and Naturalist
Parents: Sarena


Working Mothers:
Work vs. Your Children -
a Necessary Conflict?


Interview with Ms. Sarena Young
District Councilor & Law Firm Founder
A Mother of 4 Children
(2 of her children, Norm Yeung &
Rupert Yeung, are students at
ARISTLE Gifted Institute)