Worldwide Development


Gifted Education has been established worldwide for over 50 years. Important milestones in chronological order include,


United States -
1950s Pennsylvania Gifted Education program was established as one of the world's first formal gifted education program.
United Kingdom -
1960s National Association for the Gifted Child was established.
Austria -
School Legislation (SchOG) was enacted for Gifted Programmes in 1962.
Taiwan -
Enrichment curriculum for gifted students was started in Taipei in 1963.
Israel -
Gifted Education was established in 1974.
Canada -
Gifted Education was launched in 1980s.
Singapore -
1984 Gifted Education Programme was initiated by Ministry of Education.
Australia -
1985 Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented (AAEGT) was established.
Germany -
Educational Research Workshop On Gifted Children and Adolescents in Europe was introduced in 1991.
South Korea -
Education Laws were amended to promote Gifted Education in mid 1990s.



Hong Kong Development


Gifted Education in Hong Kong has a very brief history of just over two decades. Important milestones in chronological order include,


1990 -
Education Commission Report No. 4 initiated the development of school-based Gifted Education.
1992 -
A research team consisted of professional academics was formed to launch research studies on Gifted Education.
1995 -
Fung Hon Chu Gifted Education Center was established.
2000 -
Current Gifted Education policy in Hong Kong was formulated.
2003 -
Gifted Education Section of Education & Manpower Bureau was formally established.
2008 -
Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education was set up.