GIFTED education by GIFTED personnel


ARISTLE Gifted Institute is founded and managed by a group of gifted personnel who were among the first generation to receive specialised gifted training in Hong Kong. From our real-life experiences of growing up as gifted children, and serving as gifted education practitioners over the past eight years, we truly understand the needs and learning preferences of gifted children today. From the deep roots of our understanding and empathy, we are in an excellent position to provide your children with professionally designed curricula, and customised consultations, to maximise your child’s potential and to help them succeed in life. We understand giftedness, because we are gifted too!


We understand gifted because we are gifted too


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Professional panel members as honourable advisors


At the ARISTLE, we value diversity. The ARISTLE team is composed of professional and experienced personnel from diverse cultures and expertise.

Our panel members represent between them more than fifteen countries, and include gifted individuals, scholars specialising in research into gifted education or related disciplines such as neuroscience, educators such as principals and teachers, and finally, parents of gifted children. Through these diverse backgrounds, gifted education unites us all. We share one common passion: gifted education.


Ongoing one-on-one consultation


Our experiences tell us that gifted education can only be a success with thorough planning and full understanding and support from the student's entire family.

At ARISTLE, we offer ongoing one-on-one consultation to our students and parents. Our professional and experienced education consultants hold regular consultation sessions with our parents individually to evaluate each student’s performance and offer customised advice to parents.


Education is a long term planning and we are here to walk with you and your child on the path towards success


Our ongoing consultation process

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Global principles with practical experiences


At ARISTLE, we combine global principles with our rich practical experience of working with gifted children and colleagues in the field to design our unique curricula to unleash our students’ true gifted potential.

Practicing Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and other renowned scholars’ theories, we at ARISTLE believe in whole-brain learning. By incorporating different teaching methods into our diverse curricula, we aim to stimulate our students’ development in different areas of children’s multiple intelligences, and encourage learning with both sides of the brain. Our goals are to increase the brain power of our students, nurture them to become both creative and logical thinkers, and equip them with effective learning skills.

Whole person development with lifelong influence


In an increasingly dynamic world, just being intelligent is not enough. To become a true leader and to thrive, social and emotional skills are often just as important. With this belief, the ARISTLE places great emphasis on developing our children’s interpersonal and intrapersonal skills on top of their intellectual abilities.


Identified with the famous philosopher Aristotle’s belief that educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all, we also place great emphasis upon developing a theory of virtue in our children. With our well-rounded programmes, we aspire to help our children develop attributes and traits that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Student-centric approach to learning


All children are unique, and they learn differently. In order to maximise the learning impact, we must teach our children in such a way that they can learn best. Therefore, ARISTLE Gifted Institute adopts a student-centric approach to learning in a small-class learning environment.

By keeping a very low instructor-to-student ratio, instructors are able to observe and monitor our students closely and adjust our curricula and teaching methods according to each student’s unique abilities and learning preferences. This small class learning environment also facilitates bonding among students, teachers, and parents, which is a crucial element for successful education.

Building intelligence through happiness


Although we agree with the age-old wisdom of "No pain, no gain", our experiences tell us that the achievement of our children often correlates strongly with their level of happiness. High grades and top results are not a result of mere hardship. On the contrary, our research shows that happiness and interest can drive motivation, and it is this motivation that often acts as the KEY CATALYST of intelligence development.


Thus, happiness is one of the core values of our programmes, and it is always our goal to make our programmes educational, and yet fun. Through such an effort, we are proud of the fact that most of our children can recall lovely memories from their gifted programmes at our Institute, and regard ARISTLE as one of their favourite places to go to.

A professional & caring teaching team


All our instructors are graduates of renowned universities, and were recruited though a rigorous selection process. Our instructors must undergo a three-month training programme after they were recruited. ARISTLE constantly monitors and evaluates our instructors, partly through class audio recordings, to maintain a high standard of teaching.