ARISTLE Overview

ARISTLE Overview

Aristle Group International is the only education service provider of its kind in Hong Kong that is founded and managed by gifted personnel. By combining principles from globally recognised research with our practical experience of gifted and talented education (GATE), we specialise in assisting children in their intellectual, social and emotional development. We provide support to our students and their families through student-centric multi-disciplinary programmes, and one-on-one targeted counselling.

Under our group, Little Aristle offers a first of its kind: the ARISTLE MIT Acceleratorâ„¢ (Multiple Intelligences & Talents) Certificate Programme for children from six months to six years old, while the ARISTLE Gifted Institute offers programmes that nurture the intellectual, social, and emotional competencies of children from seven to fifteen years old.

The ARISTLE team has been working together to raise standards within gifted and talented education (GATE) for over eight years, with focus on private, one-on-one sessions that permit a better understanding of each gifted child's personality and unique needs, supported by ongoing consultations with their parents. We are committed to sharing with you our knowledge gathered from world-wide academic publications, and international conferences that our staff attend. It is our mission to help children in our care to develop their IQ, and to complement this with strong elements of EQ training, and social learning. We are here to help your children realise their true gifted potential, to be successful, and, most importantly, to be happy!