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Advisory Board of Panel Members


Our panel is composed from more than 15 countries. It involves professionals from different industries such as Education, Health Care (Doctors and Psychologists), Legal Services, Banking and Finance, International Trade, Accounting, Pharmaceuticals and Design. With these diversified background, Gifted Education unites us all. Either we are gifted children ourselves, parents of gifted children or educators of gifted children. We share one common passion: Gifted Education. Here are messages from some of our panel members to our gifted children and our “gifted parents”.

Dr. Anthea Coster - United States
Mr. Cheung - Hong Kong
C. J. Lin - United States
Li Ya Fei - China
Michael Ian S - Canada
Dr. Monita Leavitt - United States
Dr. Philip W.C. Leung - Hong Kong
V. Lau - Malaysia
V. Wu - British
Y. Luk - Hong Kong