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1)      Nathan Chin

Final Offer Decision: Diocesan Boys' School

Course Attended at Aristle : MIT Programme


‘My son started attending Aristle when he was 2.5years old. When he first began Pre-Nursey class in a more mainstream local Kindergarten, we wanted him to have some supplementary English lessons which are taught in a fun and non-pushy way. Aristle has been keeping him company during his early years, and have acted like his second school. One of the reasons that we chose Aristle is because it was located within the same building where we attended a Mandarin class, all of the students looked so happy and that get me curious. We then learn more about the ‘multiple intelligence’ focus and that was what I was looking for; I was not trying to find a centre which only concentrated on academic growth but rather enhancement on children’s emotions and linguistics, as well as artistic development. The ability to communicate can be achieved more than one way and children learn well through play. Learning takes a life time, and I really wanted my son to have fun while learning.’


我兒子現在六歲半左右,他在兩歲左右開始在雅士圖上課。他剛剛開始上PN的時候,我除了選擇了一間PN學校外,我們選擇了比較主流的香港本地學校,即本地的PN和幼稚園,所以就想有點比較自由的和以英文為主的教育方式的學校以作為補充幼稚園課程。所以從他 適齡入學一直到現在都在雅士圖上課。所以雅士圖都一直陪著他,從上學到現在雅士圖可以說是他第二間學校。選擇的原因是當時我們有在同一個商業大廈參加一間普通話playgroup,因為同一幢大廈,我看見出來的小朋友個個都很開心,我就很好奇上網去看雅士圖提供什麼課程的。我見到你們的課程都是很多元化的,我並不是想尋找強調學術的,反而想找多元智能﹑情緒上﹑語言的﹑藝術的﹑溝通的是多元化的,模式看上去像是玩的,在他的年齡我覺得是適合的。我最主要是想他有一個渠道認識別人和學習是由開心和玩為出發點。學習是一輩子都要做的事,我覺得他第一次接觸學習必定要從一個玩的模式。所以我看過課程是多元化和玩為主我覺得是合識的。一開始讀都要試的心態之後一直都是讀得開心的所以就繼續下去

2)      Zain Man

Final Offer Decision: Canadian International School

Course Attending / Attended in Aristle : MIT Programme  & Aristle EQ


‘My husband and I became interested in Aristle’s MIT programme and consultation service when Zain was just 10months old; we had no idea whether the local or international stream would be a better fit for our son as we also barely know about the international school options in Hong Kong. We really appreciate the regular consultation sessions with the consultant, it helps us to understand Zain’s abilities and personality. He is a rather active boy and in the end we decided to go for the international stream for him. During the school application period the consultant has guided us through school selections, application procedures, and even told us where we need to pay attention on the application form and how to prepare for the interview; these helped to smooth out the application process. We were also very concerned over his rather active character and whether he is really absorbing what has been taught in class; the consultant instead told us not to put too much pressure on ourselves and not to worry too much, they asked us to give him some time and we were so glad she was there to help us through this hectic and anxious period. Throughout these years we can also see Zain’s improvement, he is not scared of the interaction with the unfamiliar faces now, and has become more vocal overtime. He also shared a lot of his everyday experiences with the teachers at Aristle, some of which he didn’t even mention to us! We are so happy that he has found a way to share his feelings and express himself.’



參與課程:多元智能證書課程 / 雅士圖情緒智商課程



3)      Li Jia Bo

Final Offer Decision: Harrow International School

   Course Attending / Attended in Aristle : MIT Programme  &  Aristle EQ & Aristle Prestige


‘When I first enrolled Jia Bo to playgroup, I was looking into how it can be of help to both the children and parents. I strongly agree with Aristle education philosophy, there was one time he was playing a game in class, he did not follow the rules but rather just trying to win the game in any way he can. When the teacher and consultant did not let him get the first place he became upset, they then let him know being the first does not mean it’s the best, but that he should enjoy the process and that the effort he puts in will be appreciated. Jia Bo loves his lessons at Aristle, he is always happy and excited class, and I can feel it whole heartedly as a mom. I am sure the teachers have provided him with a lot of attention and accreditation; I feel like he has a ‘Power Lunch’ every time he attends Aristle, gaining immeasurable confidence lesson after lesson. When we were applying for schools, the biggest obstacle at that time was his English ability, we got nervous about it and Aristle provided the best environment for him to develop and he improved a lot! The consultant has also discussed with us the schools that best suit our son, helping us through the application process and with suggestions on the extracurricular activities. ‘



參與課程:多元智能證書課程 / 雅士圖情緒智商課程/雅士圖私人授課